IED wind speed sensors
Anemo4403 VHR +RF MODULE

ANEMO 4403 Tek

Fixed and self leveling bracket options
Anemometer powered by lithium battery (non included) 
Robust and reliable under harsh working conditions
RF 802.15.4 2.4GHz Industrial communication
Plug & Play
2 to 200km/h wide speed reading range
Maintenance free 

Valid for many applications. Powered by a lithium battery that provides 36 hours autonomy (battery model ER34615/19Ah). Battery is not included.

ANEMO4403 VHR has been developed to work with our wind meter display WM44-P RF. Our plug & play system does not require any previous communication configuration by the user. Many different ANEMO4403 VHR + RF Modules & WM44-P RF can coexist in the same working area without any interference and interaction problems beetwen them.
High quality materials. The anemometer has been made with technical plastic and steel inox bearings.